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Top 10 Games Played to Date:

NEW!!! Doom, Heretic, and Hexen to Play!

The Latest Rage . . . Line Rider Games!

Building a track by drawing a line on the screen. Check these games out!

Hmmm, nobody found the secret game on this website yet. Here's a hint, there's a hidden hyperlink to the secret game found in the text somewhere. Damn! I forgot to add a no index, no follow tag to the secret game page and now Google indexed it!

Here is some inspiration for you to make some tracks! Got a video? Email it to me at info @ mygamesonline.net and I will start a page showing videos sent to me.

Did you Know . . .

  • That two people died while playing the video game Berzerk?
  • That there was a Coca-Cola version of Space Invaders made? Visit the Space Invaders page to learn this and more about the game that you knew about.
  • That two people played Asteroids for over 84 hours straight? Read about it on the Asteroids page.
  • That Frogger was portrayed in a Seinfold episode entitled, "The Frogger"? Read about the episode on the Frogger page.
  • On the 256th level of PacMan there is bug in the game that is known as the "split level screen" that shows the game on the left half of the screen with "garbage code" on the right half? See a screen display of this level on the PacMan page.
  • That you could play Spy Hunter on Microsoft Excel 2000?
  • Spy Hunter movie to be coming out soon? Read about it here.

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