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Planet Racer

Play Planet Racer in a resizeable window

Drag Race on different moons and planets, win money, build reputation, mod your car and challenge the King!

Every racer in the universe dreams about becoming the next king. One day you hope to challenge and beat the king in a one on one race. Then you will win the crown, the king mobile and the king's moon.But, every challenger must pay a large fee to race against the king. To reach your goal you will have to build a reputation, win money and modify your car. To build a reputation you need to win races against numerous other racers from around the universe. This game is not just about racing, it has a lot of other exciting features to explore! Have Fun...


Accelerate Up Arrow Key

Reverse Down Arrow Key

Lean Left Left Arrow Key

Lean Right Right Arrow Key

After Burner Space Bar

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