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Feed Mo

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Feed Mo

Mo is hungry from a hard days work, so help feed him up in this fun fishing online game. It's Winter, and if you live in the north, boy, do you know it. Sometimes the only thing to do for fun is to go ice fishing. If you like the idea of ice fishing but not the idea of sitting on a frozen lake for hours on end, we've got a game for you.The object of this ice fishing game is to Feed Mo, Mo being a cute polar bear with a fishing pole. And everybody knows you don't want a hungry polar bear on your hands. Like real ice fishing you pretty much plop in your line and reel-in any thing that bites. You have to fish wisely though because if Mo's hunger meter reaches hungry, it's game over.

The tricks in this game are to put your line in the water slowly so you don't scare away all the fish and to release the line quickly to land a fish. Also there is a strategy involved, you have to decide if you want to feed Mo with little fish or wait for the big ones for a mo's better meal. We like this game for its ultra-cute graphics and the simple satisfaction of fishing. Without the sitting out in the middle of a frozen lake part.

Controls: Bring the Mouse Pointer over the bait and gently slide it down the water hole with your Left Mouse Button for fishing.

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