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Top 10 Games Played to Date:

Sherwood Dungeon

Play Sherwood Dungeon in a resizeable window


Whether you're an experienced Massively Multiplayer Role-Player or have never tried the exciting world of multiplayer online gaming, Sherwood RPG has something for everyone.

Battle monsters, collect treasures, and make online allies - all in real-time! As you grow in power and experience you'll encounter deeper levels of the dungeon, uncover greater treasures, and get better and more powerful equipment.

You've heard of World of Warcraft - now try your hand at Sherwood RPG, the FREE Massively Multiplayer RPG, and see what the hype is all about!

  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Control Key - Attack, hold down to attack continuously

Tips & Tricks

Talk to Captain Morgan - Go across the drawbridge into the castle when you first start, and click on Captain Morgan to talk to him. He will give you your first quest and help you get a cool new weapon.

Make Friends - Sherwood RPG is an awesome game played solo, but is a lot more fun if you make some friends and gang up on the monsters. It's a lot easier to get through the game if you have someone watching your back! They can also teach you how to customize your character and show you the ropes.

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