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Yeti Sport 6 - Big Wave

Play Big Wave in a resizeable window

How to Play

Time for the yeti to go surfing!

Left key rotates yeti counterclockwise while the right key rotate the yeti clockwise.

Gain speed by surfing the wave and collect points by aerial jumps. Additional points are possible by kickin' pingus and getting 'stylepoints'. To receive 'stylepoints' try to jump 180°, 360°, or 540° rotaions (+/- 10°).

Try to land with your boards nose pointing down in order to keep your speed at max.

Do not surf out of screen. You'll lose important seconds! Don't give up. The more you play, the better you will get!"

  • 'S' - Sound on/off
  • 'B' - Boss
  • 'R' - Reset
  • 'Y' - Motivation

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