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Top 10 Games Played to Date:

Yeti Sport 8 - Jungle Swing

Play Jungle Swing in a resizeable window

Try to reach tree's top by jumping from branch to branch and get bonus points by turning branches to 'gold' color. If you solve 100% of the distance and reach the top, your bonus points are doubled.

Branches change their color, when used:

  • Green - Fresh new branch
  • Gold - Bonus color. 5 points bonus per branch
  • Red - Next time branch will fall and 3 new branches will grow above your position

Let Branches Grow:

At game start there are only 25 branches out of 50. If you jump off a red branch, it falls down and 3 new green branches are growing at the next free places above your position.


Click left mouse button to jump off a branch

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